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Uninstalling the Meta 2 SDK

It is good general practice to uninstall a previous version of an SDK before installing a new one (though it is not required to uninstall if the new SDK is a patch release). Follow these instructions to uninstall the SDK. From the Windows Search bar, search for Programs and Features.

1. From the Windows search bar, type Apps & Features.


2. Search for Meta.

3. Click to select the version of SDK that you want to uninstall. Search for 'Meta' in the top right search box. 


4. Right click and select 'Uninstall'. You should see the Windows Installer dialog. Click 'Yes'.

5. Remove all files.

Meta will start to uninstall from your computer. You will be given the option to remove all temporary files. If selected, it will uninstall your user calibration profile and any other personal files.


Once the uninstall is complete, you don't have to restart your computer.

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