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Installing the Meta 2 SDK
Upgrading the Meta 2 SDK

Installing the Meta 2 SDK

The Meta SDK Installer will install all of the drivers and components needed to get started with the Meta 2 headset.

Default Setup

Follow these steps to install the SDK. There are times when you might want to install an earlier version, or remove the SDK. Refer to Uninstall SDK for instructions on how to safely uninstall an SDK.

1. Double-Click the download to run the installer.

The User Account Control window opens, and asks, Do you want to allow this application to make changes to your device?

2. Click Yes.
The Meta SDK2 Beta Setup window opens, and a compatibility warning appears if you have an Nvidia GPU driver that is an earlier version than 375.86. This will not interfere with your installation, it will just require that you restart at the end of installation in order to use Direct Mode (a display option that bypasses the Windows' device system that manages the Extended Mode option, and renders directly to the headset).

3. Click Ok.
The Welcome to Meta SDK Beta Setup window opens.










4. Click Next to let the Wizard set up your computer.
The FCC notice for Meta 2 Beta window opens.

5. Check the box "I have read and understand the FCC Notice."

6. Click Next.
The End-User License Agreement window opens.

7. Select "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and click Next to accept the terms.
The Third Party License Notice for Meta 2 Beta window opens.


8. Check the "I have read and understand the Third Party License Notice" checkbox, and click Next.
The Installation Folder window opens.

9. Click Next to select the default path.
The Installation Features window opens and shows the contents of the SDK.


Peruse the installation options in the program features field. You will probably want to install the Unity 2017.3 to maximize the features in our SDK. If so, check the box next to Unity. If you do install Unity, you will be directed through their setup wizard windows and will require a Unity License.

10. Click Next to accept the default Features.

Note: Meta Workspace is installed to %localappdata%. It is the user's responsibility to redirect that environment variable to the correct drive if they are limited on space.

The Meta Workspace cannot be installed to the install directory because it is likely (by default) installed to Program Files. The Meta Workspace relies on modifying its own files. If it cannot then it won't work correctly.

11. The Ready to Install Window, and defaults to Opt-in to Meta Analytics.


We encourage you to opt-in, this just helps us know how to better support you. This should not affect the performance.

12. Click Install.

You may receive a Windows Security warning asking if you want to install this software.
The Unity 2017.3.0f3 Download Assistant window opens.Unity2017.png

13. Follow the Unity prompts to install this new version. 
This will take a few minutes.
The Meta SDK Beta Setup Complete window opens.

14. Click Finish to exit the set-up wizard.
If you are running the older NVIDIA GPU driver, you will be prompted to restart your computer.

The Setup Headset application will run the first time that you install the SDK. Go through each screen to get familiar with the headset, put it on, and run the eye calibration application.

You can launch the Setup Headset application at any time from the Meta Utilities App located in the System Tray.


TIP: The Meta Utility App is handy to know about. At any time you can return to the system tray and:

  • Launch the Workspace Application from Meta Home
  • Add an eye calibration profile
  • Check for Updates
  • Setup the Headset
  • Run Headset Diagnostics
  • Get Firmware Update
  • Launch Display Manager

After installation, you should see the following added to Windows > Programs and Features

  • Meta 2 SAQ Drivers
  • Meta 2 Webcam (32-bit)
  • Meta 2 Webcam (64-bit)
  • Meta 2 Direct Mode Drivers
  • Meta SDK2 Beta
    Note: There are a few files in the Utilities directory that are available if you want to run the Setup Headset, or launch the Eye Calibration App. They are located here: c: > Program Files > Meta > Meta SDK2 Beta > Utilities Just note that the files in the directory Unmanaged are required to run the various apps, so please do not experiment with them.

You will also need the Unity Editor, which is installed as part of the Meta SDK. If you wish to install it separately, download it from the Unity website (recommended version is 5.6 for Microsoft Windows).

Upgrading the Meta 2 SDK

If upgrading from a previous SDK, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Unity Project Assets panel and right-click the Meta SDK folder.

2. Click "Show in Explorer." 
The Windows Explorer Assets window opens.

3. Exit Unity.

4. Highlight to select MetaSDK and MetaSDK.meta and click Delete.

5. Re-open Unity with a new or existing project.
The MetaSDK folder may still appear in the Project Assets panel. Don't delete it (deleting it will lose your changes to your scene).

6. Go to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.
By default, the Import Package window opens. If you need to get to it manually it is located here: Local Disk > Program Files > Meta > Meta SDK2 Beta > Unity.

7. Click to select the Meta.unitypackage file, and click Open.
The Import Unity Package window opens.

8. Click Import.
The new MetaSDK folder will appear in your Project Assets panel.

If you choose to remove the Meta SDK, go to Uninstall the SDK.

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