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Installing the OSVR SDK

The Meta SDK Installer will install all of the drivers and components needed to get started with the Meta 2 headset. By default the Meta OSVR Plug-in will be installed with the Unity SDK.

Getting Started

1. From page, click the Download Installer button.
The MetaSDK2Beta Installer executable window opens.

2. Download the installer.
The installer downloads to your system.

3. Double-click the executable to launch the installer.
Allow the installer to make changes to your computer.

4. Follow the prompts from the Welcome to Meta SDK 2 Beta Setup

5. At the Installation Features prompt, check or uncheck the components you want installed.

6. When prompted, click Install.
The SDK installs. The installer checks to see if you have a previous version of the OSVR SDK and either configures the existing files to work with the Meta, or installs the OSVR SDK and configures it.

As this is a C++ SDK, the OSVR Runtime is needed in order to use the Meta OSVR Plugin.

7. Click Finish.
The Headset Setup application opens.

8, Follow the instructions to connect the headset to your computer, run diagnostics to ensure that it is corrected correctly, and create an eye calibration profile.

9. Close the Headset Setup.

If at any time you close the Headset Setup application, or want to access any of the applications available through the Meta Utility Application, select the Meta icon on the System Tray and launch the desired app.


  • Launch the Workspace Application from Meta Home
  • Add an eye calibration profile
  • Check for Updates
  • Setup the Headset
  • Run Headset Diagnostics
  • Get Firmware Update
  • Launch Display Manager
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