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Headset Diagnostics

The Headset DIagnostic tool is a handy way to verify that you have successfully connected the headset cables to the proper ports. If you encounter any issues and want to send your diagnostic log to Meta, see the instructions under Send Your Log Files to Meta.

To run the diagnostic tool:

1. Launch the tool from the system tray. 
Meta Utility App > Utilities > Headset Diagnostics.SimpleDiag1JPG.jpg



2. Click the Start Diagnostics button.
The Diagnostic tool evaluates all of the connections and alerts you by color if there are any problems, and where they are. Green indicates that all is clear, yellow that it has detected a problem, and red indicates that it is not detecting a connection at all.

If you want to dig into exactly what the Diagnostics tool has determined about your headset, you can search for the log. It is in
%META_ROOT% \Logs\Meta2SimpleDiagnostics, or the actual path, for example:

c: > Users  > Meta > AppData > Roaming > Meta Company > Logs > Meta2SimpleDiagnostics

Two files are needed to analyze the diagnosis:

  • SystemInformation.json.
  • Meta2SimpleDiagnostics.txt

You can send the files directly to Meta, or you can interpret it on your own.

 Interpreting the Diagnostics Report

  • USB Driver - the driver we provide is installed on the system (if it is not present, you will receive failure across the board). 
  • USB Cable - it just determines if it is connected or not / Hardware ID of device (if it fails, remaining will fail) 
  • USB Connection Type - it must be version 3.0 or 3.1, it will not run if the port is below 3.0 
  • HDMI - Only determines if the cable is connected or not.connectivity of cable 
  • HDMI Display - determines the display mode of the Meta 2 viewed from windows OS perspective (if in extended mode status of display is pulled from Windows OS. Windows numbers the displays in order of resolution, highest first to lowest. The Meta headset numbers the displays in order of screen but you pick which resolution is highest to lowest).
  • Meta 2 Serial Number - reading the number from the headset (could effect how the headset works / serial number is used for writing files). 
  • Meta2 Calibration Data - pulls calibration directly from the headset to make sure that something exists, (it does not check if it is correct) It refers to a hardware issue because it cannot communicate with the headset.
  • Meta 2 Sensors - RGB Camera, Two Mono cameras, 2 IMU sensors, Time of Flight  test does affect data.

Send your Log Files to Meta

If you would like some assistance in interpreting your log file, send it with a brief description of the errors that you've seen to

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