Get Started Headset Setup
Getting to Know your Headset

Learn how to set-up and operate your new headset. Watch the video and try on your headset to get the best fit. Set up your workspace for maximum efficiency and object recognition.

The Meta 2

Get familiar with the features.

Headset_BackView_01 (1)-1.png

This view shows the adjustment features that help you get just the right fit! They include 3 patented forehead support pads, a top strap, and a back adjustment dial. 


This view shows the two buttons located on the top of the headset. The Display Power Button, and the Camera Snapshot Button.

You can also see the cables required to set up your headset. The USB 3.0 cable, the HDMI cable, and the Power port.


This view shows where some of the hidden features reside. You have the sensors, the front speakers, the lenses, and the rear speakers.


The order in which you connect the cables is important. Please follow the sequence outlined below.

  • Power plug to the power source 
  • Power cable to headset cable connector
  • HDMI cable to the graphics card (GPU)
  • USB cable to a USB 3.0 port

Note: Diagnostics may fail if you use HDMI or USB hubs, splitters, or extension cables. 

Power up and Plug in!



Follow Esther's video to fine tune the fit on your Meta 2.

Put on your headset!

The Meta 2 can be adjusted to fit you comfortably. Adjustments include forehead supports to allow the headset to rest properly for different forehead shapes and sizes, top straps that can be adjusted for a secure fit, and a dial at the back of the headset which can fine tune the fit. See Fitting your Headset to be sure to make sure it fits just right.

Prepare your space

For an optimal experience, it is recommended to have a work surface that is relatively clear of objects. A few items on your work surface allows the headset to create points of reference for environment mapping to work properly.

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