These release notes are specific to the Unity component of Meta 2 SDK.

See here for general release notes, including many improvements which also apply to the Unity SDK.


  • Added “Limited Tracking” mode. In Limited Tracking mode, the Meta 2’s rotation (using the onboard IMU) continues to be tracked, but the Meta 2’s translation is no longer tracked. In other words, holograms will always appear at the same distance from the user no matter how the user’s head moves. This mode may also be referred to as “rotation-only tracking” or “three degrees of freedom (3DOF),” as opposed to Full Tracking, which may be referred to as “six degrees of freedom (6DOF).”
    • A Unity application can be configured to launch in limited tracking mode. To do so, check the “Rotation Only Tracking” checkbox on the SLAM Localizer component of the MetaCameraRig prefab. If this box is checked, the SLAM initialization UI will not be shown. This option is useful for applications which do not depend on the user’s movement through their space, e.g. watching a 2D video feed.
    • Limited tracking mode can be toggled on and off by pressing the F9 key. Pressing the F4 key while in Limited Tracking mode recenters the scene.
    • If SLAM is unable to initialize or loses the ability to track the environment, the Meta 2 automatically switches to limited tracking mode. When SLAM is again able to map the environment, the Meta 2 will automatically return to full tracking mode. The corresponding messages indicating either “Full Tracking” or “Limited Tracking” will temporarily appear in the headset when the tracking mode changes.
    • In Limited Tracking mode, CPU usage is lower and hologram stability is improved.
  • When our Unity SDK detects a hardware issue, such as a disconnected USB cable, the status of the Meta 2 is now displayed within the headset.
  • Moving an object with your hand now feels more natural and allows you to get closer to the edge of the Meta 2’s field of view before the object is dropped.
  • Added support for controlling the camera’s near and far clipping planes. These can be controlled from the Compositor component of the MetaCameraRig prefab. The settings on the Unity Camera GameObjects themselves should not be directly modified.
  • Cleaned up available options on MetaCameraRig.
  • Removed the deprecated MetaCameraRig_Legacy prefab.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Two Hand Enter Event on HandTrigger component register a single hand as two hands when the allowed feature type was set to Any. Thanks for the Community report on this issue!
  • Minor compatibility fixes for Unity 2017.3.0f3, including fixing raycasts onto GUI elements which negatively impacted Meta Mouse usability.

Known Issues

  • We’re no longer able to support the API which previously exposed point cloud data from our depth sensor. We plan to expose sensor data via future API development. If this is important to your application, please share what you can about your needs on our Community Forums so we can understand and hopefully support your use cases in the future.