The Meta 2 comes with many built-in components and features to help you get your application up and running. The following sections describe what these features do and how you can tweak them to support your project.

Camera and Sensor Features

Meta Camera Rig is a set of graphical components that provide Meta integration for your Unity applications.

Tracking (SLAM) is Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Meta’s tracking system.

Surface Reconstruction builds a mesh representing your environment.

Meta Locking is a script that can be added as a component to a GameObject to allow positional and rotational locking of GameObjects relative to the MetaCameraRig Prefab.

Meta Gaze is an interaction technique that allows you to interact with objects in the center of your view.

Sensors Data provides access to raw data from the Meta 2’s onboard sensors for advanced scripting.

Meta 2 Webcam is a virtual device that exposes two feeds. One is a composite view containing both AR content from your Unity scene as well as the RGB camera feed, simulating what the user is seeing, while the other shows just what the RGB camera sees.

Interaction Features

Meta Hands is a system which allows you to add a variety of hands interactions to objects within your scene.

Meta Mouse is an input method that enables a computer mouse to be used in a three-dimensional environment.

Meta Canvas is a mix of the built-in Unity Canvas components and a handful of custom components which allow the user to interact with an AR interface using either their hands or the Meta Mouse.

Display Features

Direct Mode is the primary rendering mode. It bypasses Windows’ display management system and connects directly to the Meta 2.

Extended View is an alternate rendering which uses Windows display management system as an intermediary to render to the Meta 2 for the purposes of compatibility.

Meta Compositor is a component provided in the Unity SDK which controls rendering and provides advanced graphical functionality.

Audio Features

Meta Audio connects to the Unity Audio Manager to set the optimal project settings for rendering audio on the Meta 2.