Background Color

In VR, your background can be any color you choose. In AR, however, your background should be transparent so as to allow the user to see the real world in addition to virtual objects.

In the Meta 2, darker colors are more transparent than brighter colors. A black background is the most transparent.

Distance and Scale

In VR, you can render objects which are relatively far away from the user, assuming the scale of your scene and the clipping plane settings on your camera(s) permit it. Additionally, the scale of your world can be arbitrarily chosen to best suit your application.

In AR, however, the scale of your scene corresponds directly to distances in the real world. With the Meta 2, objects are rendered with the best fidelity within the optimal envelope of the optical system. While this may vary from user to user, we recommend keeping most content within arm’s reach.

We’ve optimized the Meta 2’s optics for viewing objects that are within arm’s reach because we believe that AR is at its best when you can naturally reach out and interact with virtual objects. Because of that, we’ve chosen to limit the distance at which virtual objects are rendered in order to avoid the visual artifacts associated with viewing virtual objects outside of the optimal range of the Meta 2. We’ve done so by controlling the camera clipping plane distances within our Compositor rather than allowing developers or users to alter them.