The Meta 2 has four speakers for an improved spatial audio experience. If you plan to use these speakers rather than another audio device, please read on for instructions on how to configure both your Unity project and Windows to take full advantage of the Meta 2’s speaker array.

Because of the unique nature of the Meta 2’s speakers, we recommend setting the following custom audio settings in your project:

  • System Sample Rate: 48000 (Hz)
  • Volume Control
  • Default Speaker Mode: Quad (quadraphonic)

You can view these settings at Edit > Project Settings > Audio. We recommend checking your project to verify that these settings have been applied correctly, particularly if you are using the latest or preview versions of Unity.

Audio Settings

Windows Audio Settings

Regardless of your Unity audio configuration, you can toggle the speakers between quadraphonic and stereo audio output through Windows. Often you will need to set the Meta 2 to quadraphonic on first use.

Configuring the Meta 2 for quadraphonic sound

  1. In the Windows system tray, right-click the speaker icon and select Playback devices. The Sound window opens on the Playback tab.
    Sound Window
  2. Select the Meta 2 device.

    Note: If your Meta 2 is in direct mode (this is the default), these settings will not be available unless an application is actually running on your Meta 2. Launch the Meta Home application from the Meta Utility application, then launch the Meta Workspace, and while the Meta Workspace is running, switch back to the Sound window.

  3. Click the Configure button.

  4. Under Choose your configuration, select Quadraphonic.

  5. Click Next. The full-range speakers window opens. Ensure that both Front Left and Right and Surround Speakers are checked.

  6. Click Next. The Configuration Complete window opens.

  7. Click Finish.

Configuring the Meta 2 for stereo sound

Follow the steps above, except select Stereo in the configuration instead of Quadraphonic in step 4.

Setting the Volume Control

  1. In the Sound Window, under the Playback tab, select the Meta 2-0.

  2. Click the Properties button. The Meta 2.0 Properties window opens. Properties Level

  3. Click the Levels tab.

  4. Slide the tab rule to the desired volume (e.g. 80).

  5. Click OK.

Setting the Sampling Rate

  1. In the Sound Window, under the Playback tab, select the Meta 2-0.
  2. Click the Properties button. The Meta 2.0 Properties window opens.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Pull down the Default Format menu, and select 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality).
  5. Ensure that both check boxes under Exclusive Mode are checked, then click OK.

Meta2-0 Properties

4 Channel Modifications for Developers

Meta licenses 2 Channel MaxxAudio from Waves, so modifications have to be made to your code to apply 4 channel audio.

Meta has assigned the Rear Left and Rear Right speakers to playback the MaxxAudio because they are closer speakers to the ear. Therefore, developers need to design the audio channels to match this model:

  1. Swap the front left channel to the rear left channel.
  2. Swap the front right channel to the rear right channel.
  3. Swap the rear left channel to the front left channel.
  4. Swap the rear right channel to the front right channel.