Direct-to-display mode (frequently referred to as “Direct Mode”) is a special display mode that facilitates a direct connection between the Meta 2 and the graphics device on your computer. This streamlined communication path bypasses the display management functionality provided by Windows, resulting in improved performance.

Because direct mode bypasses Windows’ display management, when the Meta 2 is configured to display in direct mode, it will not appear as an additional display in Windows’ display settings. Additionally, the display will be blank until an application initializes it.

Sometimes you may need to reset the speakers in the headset to quadraphonic. Please see meta speakers for instructions for setting that.

Set your display option to automatically render to the headset:

  1. Select the Meta Utility application from the Windows System Tray.
  2. Go to Utility > Display Manager.
  3. Click the Direct Mode radio button.
  4. Click Apply Changes.

The alternative to direct mode is extended mode.

Note: The Meta SDK only supports direct mode on modern NVIDIA graphics cards. Direct mode is not supported on AMD graphics cards or Intel onboard graphics systems at this time. Direct mode is also not supported by NVIDIA for obsolete NVIDIA graphics cards.